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About eFleet Services

A DDS Wireless International Company, catering to commercial fleets like limousines and work trucks, eFleet Serivces extends some of the core functionalities of computerized dispatching to commercial fleet operators without the upfront costs of maintaining an in-house solution. The eFleet solution includes a complete bundle of software, hardware and data networks that are securely accessible via any Internet web browser to provide dispatching and management functionality for fleets of commercial vehicles. It integrates computer aided wireless dispatch, GPS fleet tracking, GPS navigation, two-way text messaging, and point-of-sale payment processing into a single hosted system that is available as a subscription service. Its primary markets are work trucks, waste management and limousines

The eFleet system delivers to the enterprise a complete solution of fleet management capabilities, integrating GPS fleet tracking, GPS navigation, two-way text messaging, computer aided wireless dispatch, and point-of-sale payment processing into a single hosted system that is delivered as a subscription service.

The advantage of selecting the eFleet system is that it provides the required features with minimal start-up costs, and is designed to be scalable to your business needs. For fleets big or small, single- or multi-purpose, eFleet is personalized to the vehicle and organization it serves.

The driver’s gateway to eFleet is accessed through a rugged and secure in-vehicle mobile data terminal. These powerful devices are manufactured, and supported by eFleet, and designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments. Each device is expandible via multiple USB ports, enabling connectivity to peripherals like printers, scanners or other components. All applications & the operating system are upgraded over-the-air and in the background, meaning maintenance free operation for all that touch the system at all times.

Dispatchers and managers coordinate fleet activities through a web-based system that is managed, supported and hosted by eFleet. Routine tasks can be automated to free up resources and focus on your business. Examples include: Driver Logs, IFTA Reporting, ETA Vehicle Reporting, Engine Diagnostics, paperless ticketing, and comprehensive record keeping of trip navigation, charge and customer details. All information is secure and can even be integrated with many popular backoffice systems.

eFleet is committed to delivering the safest, most secure, easiest to use & easiest to maintain dispatch and fleet management solution in the world. As your business grows, we grow with you, delivering just-in-time solutions that drive revenue, supports business decisions, and improves the customer experience.

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